7 Tips for the Best Blowout Technique

Nothing makes a beautiful cut shine more than the perfect blowout. What is a blowout for hair? While it may seem easier than the bottleneck bob or butterfly cut, it takes a combination of skillset and tools to get the job done. What products do you use for a blowout? A miniature refresher course is never a bad idea, so here are seven essential tips to achieve a head-turning blow-dry style every time.  

Tip 1: Prep the Hair

While it’s true that “next day” hair is sometimes considered easier to work with (primarily when updos and styling are concerned), the cornerstone of every professional blow-out is a thorough shampoo. It’s not a bad idea to do a double wash to ensure the product and excess oils are entirely removed. 

  • Start by sudsing up with a deep cleansing formula such as Linange EnergyPlex Hair Stimulating Shampoo. This energizing formula is enriched with extracts of Ginger, Rosemary, and Nettle Extracts to wake up your scalp while providing a gentle cleansing action. The addition of Menthol crystals provides an immediate fresh sensation with every wash.  
  • Another great option is Elchim Hot Honey Care Prepatory Shampoo, a game-changing formula that protects hair during blowouts and amplifies the effects of the Hot Honey Care system. 
  • Depending on hair type and condition, you can make your second cleanse a moisturizing shampoo like Salvatore Tanino Therapy Moisturizer Shampoo. This nourishing formula contains coconut oil, omega 6, 7, and 9, vitamins A, C, and E, unsaturated fatty acids, and elastin, as well as minerals and proteins, which replenish and maintain moisture in dry hair. The addition of Moringa oil, rich in oleic acid, allows for easier dry combing, softness, and shine..



Tip 2: Remove Excess Moisture

Is it better to blowout wet or dry hair? Limiting heat exposure is vital for preventing further damage to the hair. Always blow-dry damp — not soaking wet — hair, so use a moisture-wicking hair towel to naturally speed up the dry time. Avoid “rough drying” the hair, as it only exacerbates breakage and can cause frizziness. 

Tip 3: Comb Out the Hair 

While this is a simple tip, removing all knots and kinks is essential to achieve a clean, smooth blowout. Carefully comb out the hair with a tool like the Wet Brush PRO Detangling Comb. The wave tooth design glides through color, conditioner, and hair treatments for thorough and even distribution. Its rubberized EasyGrip handle provides a secure hold that won't slip even when hands are wet. 




Tip 4: Apply a Heat Protectant

Tip four is not one-size-fits-all. Before choosing pre-blow-out products, you must consider the client’s hair type and texture, length, and whether or not it’s color-treated. Heat can cause frizziness, so apply a heat protectant. We highly recommend Salvatore Tanino Therapy T.T. Protein Leave-In Serum, a versatile formula that adapts to all types of hair, treating split ends, frizz and unwanted volume reduction, detangling and softening hair immediately. It protects the fiber from excessive heat from flat irons and stylers, and provides intense shine and durability to hairstyles and curls.

 salon round brush and hair clips

Tip 5: Use the Right Tools

The tools you choose may vary whether you’re doing a more time-consuming long-hair blowout or a quicker style-and-go. Always ensure your station is equipped with everything you need to deliver a variety of styles while addressing different textures and lengths.

Hair Clips

Hair Clips such as the stylist favoriteYS Park Clips, are necessary for sectioning off and keeping the hair out of the client’s face while working in one area at a time. They’re a must for any type of blowout. 


Blowout Hair Dryer

Pros typically opt for a blowout hair dryer with multiple heat settings to address various hair types and textures while maximizing drying time. It's also vital that the model is lightweight — especially for those busy Saturday afternoon shifts! 

  • The Bio Ionic Smart-X High Efficiency Hair Dryer w/ Diffuser Set dries hair 75% faster, using more air pressure and less heat for an overall healthier dry. Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat™ Technology hydrates hair from the inside out by emitting natural negative ions that allow water molecules to penetrate deep into strands. Hair is left softer, shinier and smoother. Plus, advanced smart features including three speed and three heat settings with auto-memorization allow you to personalize your styling experience. 
  • When working off-site for a runway fashion show or a destination wedding, you need the 1200-watt Bio Ionic GoldPro Travel Hair Dryer. The 24K gold ceramic mineral infused inside the barrel provides conditioned, evenly distributed heat for fast and easy blowouts on the go. It features a folding handle, worldwide voltage, and a generous six-foot cord. 
  • For a more traditional and budget-friendly dryer, opt for the Gamma+ Ion Ceramic S Hair Dryer, a powerful compact ionic hair dryer that provides less drying time so hair is more hydrated and lustrous post-drying. 


Blowout Hair Brush

While the type of blowout hair brush you choose highly depends upon texture, length, and thickness, many pros agree that round hair brushes are their go-to. They provide volume and possess the dual ability to curl and straighten. Just remember: different tools offer different looks, so understand what your client wants. For example, Larger round brushes typically create smoother, straighter looks while smaller barreled models result in more curls or waves depending on the length of the hair. This size is also a great choice for styling short hair or bangs. 

  • The Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Barrel Brush, one of the best-selling salon brushes of all time, features all nylon bristles and the latest ceramic and tourmaline ion technologies. The two work in tandem to retain heat longer for more efficient and long-lasting styling while hydrating the cuticle, eliminating frizz and static, and promoting shine. 
  • When combined with a dryer, the Bio Ionic Graphene MX Thermal Styling Barrel Brush delivers Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat™ boosted by GrapheneMX, the ultimate heat conductor, infused into the barrel. The vented barrel allows you to style faster, while the GrapheneMX prevents frizz. Hair is left smoother and healthier. Busy stylists will appreciate the soft-touch ergonomic handle. 
  • Available in three sizes, the Wet Brush EPIC Professional MultiGrip Barrel Brush features a blend of natural boar and nylon bristles for superior tension and styling. Its ceramic-coated barrel emits negative ions, eliminating flyaways and frizz, and locks in hair’s natural oils for a smooth and lustrous finish. 


Tip 6: Section and Style

First, casually semi-dry your client’s hair (approximately 75-80% depending on texture) before getting into the actual blowdry/style process. Some fundamental blowout techniques include:

  • Using your hair clips, secure the hair on the top of the crown, gradually letting down layers starting from the nape of the neck and working your way up. 
  • Preheat your brush before starting your blowout. It allows for more shaping power and helps speed up your styling time.
  • While it’s best to use high heat, take note of the client’s heat threshold, so you don’t burn their scalp. 
  • As you start working through the bottom layers with the brush of your choice, point the dryer’s nozzle downward to help smooth the hair and promote shine. 
  • Understand what style your client wants so you know how to manipulate your brush — straight, curls, natural, shiny, smooth, etc. — as well as the desired volume level, which can be achieved by pointing the nozzle at the roots.
  • How do you get the perfect blowout? Always dry the hair from top to bottom while creating tension with your brush. Work your way from the top to the bottom by using your brush to pull the client’s hair forward and outward away from the face. 
  • As you blow out hair, don’t forget to change your heat settings: medium for pre-dry, high for shaping and styling, and cool for setting and frizz prevention.

salon applying hair spray - finishing spray

Tip 7: Apply a Finishing Product

Apply a finishing product such as Crack Hair Fix Aerosol Finishing Spray which is a firm-hold, fast-drying hairspray formulated to provide long-lasting brush-able hold and a smooth, frizz-free finish with high shine. It’s wind-resistant and gives a superior grip to assist with up-dos minus flaking, stiffness, or buildup.

Another great option is Fanola Styling Tools Super Light Anti-Frizz Glossing Spray. This non-greasy, non-sticky spritz eliminates frizz and leaves hair extraordinarily glossy without weighing it down.

How do you get the perfect blowout? It all comes down to technique and the right tools and products. Innovations are constantly hitting the market, so you’re never too seasoned to up your blow-dry game. What are your favorite tools and techniques? 


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