Hair Brush Guide: Which Brush is Best for You?

The results you achieve from a makeup application will only be as good as the brushes (and combs) you’re using, and the same rule applies to your hair — especially since you run those bristles through your strands every day. There’s a reason why there are several different models on the market, but how do you know which one to use? Go beyond basic brushing and find the best version for your tresses to prevent breakage and bad hair days. 

Hairbrush 101: How to Choose a Hairbrush

When choosing the best brush or comb, consider your hair’s current condition and styling goals. Before getting into the different models, let’s discuss what type of bristles best suits each hair type. 


Boar bristle brush

Thin, Delicate, Damaged

Soft-bristled brush


Mixed bristle brush

Thick or Coarse

Nylon bristle brush


Wooden-bristle brush


Detangling Hair Brush

A detangling brush (also called a wet brush) is the best hair brush for fine hair — but any hair type can benefit from it because the hair is more delicate when wet, meaning it's more susceptible to breakage and tangling. Most wet brushes have flexible bristles that can effortlessly loosen stubborn tangles and knots without damaging your tresses. Those with hair extensions can also benefit from this style of brush. 

PST Picks: The Wet Brush EPIC Professional Super Smooth Blowout Brush is a revolutionary way to achieve smooth styles. It has a vented barrel and a blend of boar bristles for quick drying. MultiGrip Bristle Technology grabs hair for better tension and a smooth ceramic surface. It’s available in 1-1/4 and 2" to meet the needs of all hair lengths. 

The Wet Brush Pro brand carries a variety of detangling brushes for all hair types and lengths, including thick, curly, and fine. There’s also a no-snag rotating comb featuring spring-controlled rounded teeth that rotate 360° to adjust to your hair's needs with every stroke. 

Paddle Brush

Suitable for all hair types and textures, a paddle brush is an excellent styling tool for brushing and blow-drying. Thanks to its spacious, wide, and flat surface area, the brush moves quickly through the hair, delivering superbly smooth results — but it won’t break the natural pattern of curly or wavy tresses if that’s your hair type or goal.

PST Picks: The Olivia Garden Essentials Large Paddle Brush hydrates the cuticle and adds shine, thanks to ionic bristles. It’s great for detangling, brushing, and styling while eliminating frizz, flyaways, and static. 

Brush your hair and treat your scalp simultaneously with the Cricket Copper Clean Paddle Brush Collection. Copper properties are known to lessen the buildup hair naturally produces. The Copper Clean™ copper coated bristles massage the scalp and work through hair to help reduce buildup and promote shiny hair.

Round Brush

Round brushes are best suited for those with medium to thick hair because finer strands can get caught in the bristles. Most models are made with an iconic or metal barrel that heats up when used with your blow dryer, which helps add body, volume, and a slight curl (if desired) while eliminating frizz. 

Choosing the right barrel size is the key to success. It all comes down to the length of your tresses and the type of wave or curl you want to achieve. Small barrel brushes create tighter curls, whereas larger barrels straighten or create subtle waves. Once you learn how to use a round brush, you’ll be able to achieve salon-worthy blowouts at home!

PST Picks: The Olivia Garden Nano Thermic Power Grip Barrel Brush is available in four different sizes — or as an entire collection — to meet your hair styling needs. The wavy barrel gathers bristles in rows for amazing grip and tension, and extra large vents reduce drying time. It’s great for smoothing, straightening, blowouts, and shaping medium to thick or coarse hair, as well as cowlicks, bangs, and beveling the ends. 

The Wet Brush EPIC Professional Thermagraphene Heat Wave Barrel Brush has a revolutionary ThermaGraphene barrel that evenly distributes heat for a gentle blowout. For a smooth blowout, the coated barrel gets 20% hotter than a ceramic barrel. Heat is evenly distributed across the barrel, which is gentle on the hair. Crimped bristles easily grab tresses and create the perfect tension for an ultra-smooth finish. The handy sectioning pin stored in the handle is helpful when styling one section at a time.

Teasing Hair Brush

All hair types can benefit from a teasing brush. It’s the easiest way to add volume at the roots and create the illusion of whole tresses. It’s a must when creating updos or creating a solid base before clipping in hair extensions. As a bonus, the pointed end is perfect for sectioning. Just be mindful not to over-tease to reduce breakage — especially if your hair is delicate and fragile. 

PST Picks: The Cricket Amped Up Teasing Brush is designed explicitly for updo styling and increased volume. Its bristle pattern and texture minimizes damage, breakage, and split ends, making the hair shiny. Boar/nylon mixed multi-level bristles make it effortlessly easier to create various degrees of volume and style.

For those with finer or thinner hair, the Wet Brush EPIC Professional Teasing Brush. It features IntelliFlex Bristles for a kinder, gentler teasing brush experience. Your tresses will benefit from the double row of IntelliFlex bristles at varying heights, which will work in tandem to create volume and lift without breakage. It’s an ideal brush for detailing and finishing.

Wide-Tooth Comb

Brushes are great, but sometimes, you need a comb! While it’s suitable for all hair types, a wide-tooth comb for curly hair (wavy, too) is an excellent tool to help you comb wet hair and distribute a leave-in conditioner or mask without running the risk of breakage. 

PST Picks: The BaByliss PRO Wide-Tooth Styling Comb is designed for creating texture, sectioning, lifting, and holding hairstyles — especially pompadours! One side features six big, wide teeth (20.4mm x 36.3mm), while the other backs it up with seven small, wide teeth (12.9mm x 24.2mm). Easy to clean, easy to use. 

The Wet Brush EPIC Professional Carbon Comb  — style number one — was constructed to withstand high heat and wear and tear from common salon chemicals. It’s lightweight yet strong while boasting anti-static properties to eliminate flyaways and reduce frizz. 

Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Boar bristle brushes minimize frizz, prevent breakage, and seal split ends. While all types can benefit, they’re best suited for those with fine or curly hair. Research suggests this brush type can help promote healthy hair growth, boost volume, increase shine, and clean and condition your tresses. 

PST Picks: The Cricket Smoothing Boar/Nylon Mixed Bristle Brush is an exceptional boar/nylon mixed bristle brush to promote shine. The cushioned oval pad is soft on the scalp, while the flared bristle pattern shapes and styles. It’s designed with a sleek, ergonomically correct handle for comfort.

Looking to go the classic route? Look to the YS Park Beetle Soft Cushion Marble Wood Air Vent Boar Brush. The back side of the styler is designed to be more rounded and curved with ventilation holes for faster drying. When brushing hair, the bend in the handle keeps the hand and fingers from contacting the face.

Choosing the best brush for your tresses comes down to identifying your hair type, texture, and styling goals. ProStylingTools is here to help you find the optimal brushes and combs to meet your needs. 

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