Trend Spotting: 20 Men’s Hairstyles to Try in 2024

After being locked up in lockdown, 2023 proved to be the year of “anything goes” regarding men’s hairstyles. From fades and undercuts to pompadours and mullets, there’s a look for everyone, regardless of length or texture. 

While we have yet to toast the new year, perhaps you’re already thinking about how to define the new you in 2024. Thanks to industry insight and a little sartorial crystal ball known as Fashion Week, we put together a list of trending hairstyles for men to help you get ahead of the curve. After all, a smart and well-manicured cut or color reflects your style almost as much as the clothes in your closet. 

Top Men's Hair Trends for 2024

No matter what year it is, remember that a good cut or style compliments your face shape, fits into your lifestyle, and allows flexibility. At the end of the day, you still want to feel comfortable and confident!

Cropping and Cutting

The New Caesar

The Caesar — a short haircut that goes back to the time of the OG emperor himself — hit peak popularity between the late 90s and early 2000s but made a resurgence in 2023. It’s an anticipated style that’s likely to stick around in 2024 but with a few tweaks. The runway-to-reality look of the moment is poised to be slightly thinned out but slicked down, as seen in Paris in Milan. It’s more reminiscent of the Caesar style of the past. The current version is styled with longer bangs than usual, which can be emphasized with a stylish skullcap. 

Flowy Fringe

Thanks to Tiktok, Flowy Fringe became one of the most popular trending hairstyles for men in 2023 — and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. It’s characterized as short to medium-length locks on top and long or short at the sides and back. The hallmark feature is intentional messiness or full fringe across the forehead. It’s definitely one of the top men's medium-length hairstyles to look out for in 2024. 

Comb Tracks

You can thank Martine Rose's show in London (FYI: She’s a super-cool British-Jamaican menswear designer who should be on your radar) for being the first to introduce us to defining comb tracks in visible, slicked-back tresses. It’s no surprise that Paris Runways followed suit. Sleek comb tracks contrast some of the larger blown-out looks we’ve seen in 2023. You can also rock this look with long hair and a pony. 

Messy Mid-Length

Short styles will always be in vogue, but classic mid-length looks are having a moment thanks to celebrity style status from the likes of dashing gentlemen like Harry Styles and Kit Harington — and let’s be honest, the pair has a mercurial reputation for hairstyles, and we’re on board for all of them. The Messy Mid-Length look is desirable because of its versatility and effortless styling. However, it takes a pro barber proficient in scissor cutting, such as a square-layered haircut. 

Textured Crop

One of the most popular barber cuts of the last decade is the textured crop, essentially a party on the top and business on the back and sides. The crown is longer and tousled while the rest of the hair is tidied up. A short fringe frequently accompanies it. Typically, the style is approximately finger length on the back and sides and cut with scissors. The top should be around 2” long and bolstered with texture. Not sure if you need scissors or clippers for a cut? Check out our guide

Ivy League

The ivy league look (also coined as the Princeton or Harvard clip) is a preppy play on the crew cut. The hair on the top front is long enough to be styled into a side part, while the hair on the crown of the head is cut short. Typically, the height is approximately 0.5-1”, but the front is more extended. That said, the top is tapered up to 1” depending on the lengths chosen for each. 

The Wolf Cut

While the wolf cut is popular with the ladies, thanks to TikTok and K-pop idols, men have been rocking this shaggy, voluminous trendsetting style slightly similar to a mullet. Curious as to whether or not you can pull it off? It suits many hair textures, so why not try it in 2024?

The Curtain

If you have the self-restraint to grow out your hair (and deal with those awkward in-between phases), the curtain is currently one of the most in-demand hairstyle trends, and it’s not going anywhere in 2024. While it’s not necessarily a new style, it’s making a dapper comeback. This cut is characterized by a long, layered fringe parted on either the middle or the side. 

Classic Bowl Cut

The bowl cut has a reputation for being “the most unkind cut” in history.  It originated as an economical ‘do to save on funds back in the Great Depression, but it made a resurgence in the 60s and was deemed fashionable, thanks to The Beatles. So, why is it on our list? Because the bowl of today is more fabulous than ever,  thanks to features such as intricate undercuts and fringe. The trick is to keep the hair on the top of your head longer than the sides and back while following a straight line across your head. Essentially, it’s like a short fringe cut that hits your mid-forehead. 

Buzzing and Shaving

Barber cutting man's hair with clippers

Piecey Texture With Fade

Love a fade but want to keep a little extra hair? A tapered style and generous natural texture are the best of both worlds — styleable strands on top and manageability underneath. Of course, maintenance is the secret to keeping this style looking clean-cut and playful at the same time. 

Disconnected Undercut

Bold, artful, and unapologetically edgy — it’s time you’ve become acquainted with the disconnected undercut. As the name suggests, transitioning from longer hair on top to shorter hair on the sides isn’t gradual — it’s sharp and defined. Maintenance is vital to ensure the undercut stays clean and precise.

French Crop

The French crop (also referred to as the “Edgar”) is a modern-day take on the classic Caesar cut. The difference is the sides are shorter and even more faded, and the forehead fringe is slightly longer. It remains popular because it flatters most face shapes — especially those on the rounder side — and requires minimal styling. This cut can also easily be paired with other on-trend 2024 looks, such as the horsetail, ducktail, or mullet. And, of course, a beard is always in fashion. 

Contemporary Afro

Natural styles have been on-trend for a while now, and they’re not going anywhere in 2024. Modern-day barbering techniques have created a way to keep native tresses looking fresh, intentional, and neat, whether a large afro with sharp edges and a fade, a tapered back, or loose, defined curls. 

The Businessman
Hello, handsome! Here’s a classy cut that consistently pops up in Hollywood but can easily transition into the boardroom. It features a slight fade or taper on the side — not too short — leaving behind enough hair on top to part and comb to the side. This look requires styling products such as a pomade, wax, or gel to keep the hair in place. 

Faded Side With Natural Top

While this style can work with most hair textures, it looks exceptionally sharp on men with wavy or curly tresses because the top is left long and natural while the sides are cut to a short fade. It’s a flattering choice for men with medium to long-length hair. 

Tight Fade

Men with shorter strands can easily rock a well-manicured, tight fade. The hair at the sides and back is cut as close as possible with clippers and fades up to a minimal length on top. Remember that as it's a clean and precise style, it takes regular maintenance so it doesn’t become unruly. 

The Classic Buzz Cut

The classic buzz cut isn’t going anywhere, so if you’re looking to go shorter, perhaps 2024 is your year to give it a go. It’s considered a traditionally military style characterized by closely shaved back and sides with a slightly longer patch of hair left on top. Regarding buzz cuts, most barbers follow the 3-2-1 rule — a #3 guard on the top, a #2 guard on the sides, and a #1 guard to trim the edges

Bleaching and Color

Two-Toned Hair

One of the biggest standouts at the Spring 2024 shows was distinct two-toned hair split between brown and blonde or black and brown. If you’re considering this edgy look, speak to a pro about which shades would be most flattering for your skin tone and undertone. Also, keep in mind that this is a high-maintenance look. 


Bleached hair for men was put on the map by celebs like Zac Efron and Zayn Malik, but now things are going more in the ultra-white platinum direction. It’s an eye-catching hue for any skin tone and texture, but short hair is favorable because it’s easier to get a consistent, clean color. Men’s bleached hairstyles certainly are sharp, but as with two-toned, they should be reserved for the man ready to maintain their look. 

There are multiple variations of these trending 2024 styles! The possibilities are endless if you have quality clippers, trimmers, cutting shears, and hair products. Remember to keep face shape, growth pattern, hair texture and length, and lifestyle in mind before choosing the perfect style. Need more inspiration? Check out our Barber Hairstyle Guide!


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