18 Women’s Hairstyles to Look Out for in 2024

While we have yet to put 2023 behind us, it’s never too soon to start thinking about your upcoming hair goals for 2024. You can expect women’s hair trends that embrace individuality and personal style — think everything from pixie cuts to long, flowy tresses. How do you choose? Consider your client’s face shape, hair type, and lifestyle, and add in a few personalized touches. To help give you a little advanced inspiration for the year ahead, here are 18 women’s hairstyles to have on your radar. 

Top Women's Cut and Style Trends for 2024

No matter what year it is, remember that a good cut or style compliments face shape, fits into one’s lifestyle, and allows flexibility. At the end of the day, you still want your client to feel comfortable and confident!

1. Shaggy Bowl

Shaggy women’s hairstyles like the shaggy bowl will have a moment in 2024. It’s essentially a mushroom cut accompanied by a messy shag and best suits those looking for a bold cut that matches their personality. This trending style looks exceptionally well with curly tresses. 

2. Long Curtain Bangs

Long curtain bangs were one of the biggest hairstyle trends of 2023, and they’re not going anywhere in 2024! These iconic bangs extend from the bottom of the brows to the bridge of the nose and are longer on the sides. They flatter long and short hairstyles and can be adapted to face shape. 

3. Curved Gradient

A curved gradient is the way to go for those trying to grow their hair but don’t want to sacrifice style. It plays up multiple hair lengths, providing volume and movement regardless of hair type or texture. Think of it as the “Rachel cut” of 2024. 

4. Ultra-Long Gradient

Celebs have already been embracing the longer version of the gradient in 2023, and the trend is poised to continue into next year. This cut adds volume to flat hair of a monotonous length. This retro cut looks great styled, sleek, and straight or with a slight wave. 

5. The Right Square

Here’s another strong trend of 2023 that’s here to stay. This timeless, sophisticated cut received a modern-day upgrade by being worn on the longer side with a tapered center and a Brigitte Bardot-like fringe that stops at nose level. 

6. Ultra-Short Pixie

The classic pixie is an excellent choice for those looking for a cut that’s stylish and easy to maintain — it’s guaranteed to look polished in a matter of minutes. This versatile cropped style looks flattering on women of all ages and looks great, sleek, or tousled. 

7. The Updated Octopus

Brought into vogue by Tony & Guy, the Octopus of the late 90s and early 2000s is having a resurgence! The updated version is more like a shag cut, but the length is more degraded and tapered to create a puffier top. It’s an ideal choice for women with thicker hair. 

8. The Soft Bob

Meet the softer, looser, more casual take on the traditional, structured bob. Texture and movement replace the straight, sharp lines typically associated with a classic bob. It particularly flatters those with naturally wavy tresses. 

9. The Modernized Chanel Bob

As the name suggests, this style is a take on Coco Chanel’s iconic bob, which is typically blunt at the chin. The modern-day version has a deep side part and is often coupled with bangs, giving it the ultimate French vibe. It’s also another low-maintenance cut. 

10. Wolf Cut

The wolf is a hybrid of a shag and a mullet and has risen in popularity thanks to TikTok. It gives moveable volume on top and texture on the sides and bottom. It’s also a relatively easy cut to maintain and best styled with your fingers. 

11. Short Shag

You don’t need long tresses to pull off a shag. The short version has been one of the most popular styles 2023, so why wouldn’t it continue into next year? It provides abundant movement and can be pulled off by all hair types. The short shag is also an excellent choice for clients who want to go shorter but aren’t ready to commit to a short bob or pixie cut. 

12. Bottleneck Bangs

These trendy bangs start slim and short in the center and become curved and longer around the eyes, following the line of the cheekbone — they resemble the look of a bottle. The length can be adjusted depending on whether you want the cheekbones to look stronger or if you wish to slim down a wider face by redirecting the attention to your eyes and lips. 

13. Choppy Bob

A choppy bob is a short to medium-length cut with heavy layering to create a shaggy, uneven texture. It’s cut at the ear-to-neck length to achieve multiple layers and texture. This stylish, low-maintenance look is one of the most popular styles of 2023 and will continue to thrive next year.

14. Butterfly Hair Cut

If your client is still deciding whether to commit to a short haircut completely but is looking for a change, suggest butterfly hair! Shorter layers around the face provide volume, giving the illusion of shorter tresses — but they’ll still have longer layers that cascade right below the shoulders. It’s most flattering on curly or wavy hair. 

15. Mix and Match Cuts

Does more than one of these cuts sound appealing? Why not combine them? Thanks to TikTok, combining different styles became a huge trend this year. So, if your client is not afraid to experiment, work with them to mash up two trends to give you a unique head-turning look. 

16. The Return of the Perm

The perm is coming back in 2024! But don’t worry — it will differ significantly from those tight curls from the 80s. This time, the goal is loose, casual waves achieved with updated formulas and modern application techniques. Who couldn’t get on board with beachy waves year-round? 

17. Amped-Up Texture

Amped-up texture is poised to be another big trend in 2024. We’re talking about embracing natural waves and curls, including braids and textured updos. These styles are low-maintenance without lacking in the style department. Embrace your God-given tresses! 

18. Bold Colors

Color in 2024 is going to be all about bold and bright! Pastel shades like lavender will take a back seat to more vibrant, head-turning hues like fiery orange, neon green, and electric blue. If your client is still deciding whether or not to commit to an all-over color, they could try experimenting with a few bold-colored streaks. 

No matter which styles your clients request in 2024, make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest hot styling tools and products. Also, brushing up on your BDS techniques is never a bad idea, so check out our blog post on 7 Tips for the Best Blowout Technique.


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